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In need of advanced research equipment in the field of biosciences such as biochemistry, pharmaceutics or gene studies? GC Biotech has, as a biotech distributor, a wide variety of scientific tools to offer concerning analytical devices, pipetting robots, spectrophotometers and fluorescence quantification assays. Whatever you are searching for GC Biotech offers the most new and highest quality of products.

So when doing a sample study one benefits from using reliable machines and applications. This ensures that valuable preparations aren’t lost due to poor manufacturing of the tools you are using. Use only the most reliable technologies which make sure you won’t waste any time nor materials. So take a look at our website and read more about the scientific applications GC Biotech distributes from respected suppliers like DeNovix, LGC Genomics, Permagen, Nippon Genetics and many more.

Best results with our products

You can only get the best results with the best goods. GC Biotechs provides the highly advanced products needed to acquire the much desired results from experiments and sampling methods. For example the RBC Bioscience MagCore Systems provide automatic, fast and simple purification of valuable nucleic acids. These can be taken from large range of different sample types. One can use preprogrammed scripts to ensure quality is maintained at the proper level. Besides that magnetic bead based cartridges with reagent can be used to give consistent results. The MagCore Systems is a user-friendly platform that is cross-contamination-free when using it for isolating DNA and RNA samples. It uses a clean pipetting system and different disposable accessories for consistent and professional results. This is one of many examples of what we provide as an distributor.

GC Biotech has more to offer

GC Biotech offers more than methods to isolate and purify nucleic acids. As a distributor we also have a lot of products that can aid in processing large quantities of samples. We sell liquid handling robots for precise measurement of contents. These machines make sure a lot of time is saved by taking over repetitious work which simply has to be done. To speed up research one can benefit a lot by using the kind of products we provide as a biotech distributor.

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