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Free business ideas

Essentials for starting your own business

There are some things that are absolutely essential when starting your own business. If you don’t have these qualities and don’t want to learn them then there is not much point in reading the following own business ideas. Starting something without a chance of success is useless. Some traits you should at least have or train are:


Guts. Practically everyone would like to start their own business and most of the people I speak to also have countless business ideas that could make them “golden money”. Yet few people actually start. Maybe you know that from your own environment? Guts to actually start is therefore one of the most important qualities you can have.

Discipline. If you have started, you are actually already doing better than the large group that only talks. Yet of those that remain, the majority are still not ready to actually do the work. As a photographer taking those early morning photos or as an affiliate marketer always writing those texts while your friends sleep in until 11 o’clock on the weekend.

Vision for the long term. No one just became a millionaire or got a successful business off the ground within a week. It takes a combination of guts and long-term discipline. Several people in my area asked how to get started with affiliate marketing (that’s how this site started) and some did. No one has so far just kept going long enough to really make a go of it. Most have quit after only a few months. 

Do you have the guts to start your business and the discipline to do the necessary work? Then you will go a long way if you can keep it up for the next few years. Make your tasks and your business a habit and you will see that the results will come naturally. You still don’t have the chance to succeed now, but without these three factors you are lost in advance.


Starting your own business ideas

Have you found something that you enjoy doing? Then you are, for the most part, a happy person. Whether you do this for a boss or for yourself. Do you like freedom and want to travel or work on your own business empire, for example? Then starting your own business might be a good option for you. Does none of that matter to you? Then of course you can always continue to work for your current boss. All fine.


In fact, you can do everything you do for a boss for yourself. Whether you’re a photographer, do online marketing, write texts or have something to do with fitness. With the following 59 business ideas I would like to get you thinking. Maybe you are still in doubt about your business or you have ideas to do something next to your current job. Also for the real entrepreneurs who are looking for new opportunities there might be something among them.


Affiliate website

For me, this must obviously be the first to be mentioned, affiliate marketing. Creating your own site and on it bringing someone else’s products to the attention of your readers.


Do they buy something? Then you get a commission as an affiliate partner. These profits can mount up if you have many visitors who you know how to refer to your customers’ products. 


This is possible for every subject. Do you know a lot about cars? Then this is a good topic to write about or make videos about. Are you constantly traveling or really a gadget freak? All good subjects to share your knowledge with interested people. 


On we tell you exactly how you can start. Good articles to read are; our choice for webhosting, installing WordPress and 15 tips for affiliate marketing & making money online. Do you register for hosting with cloud86 via this link? Then you get a 50% discount on your first payment!


Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? Then also check out the Affiliate Marketing Revolution.


What do you need?


A website

Laptop (workstation)

Knowledge of a specific topic or the will to learn

Social media services

Are you a real connoisseur in the field of social media? Then you can put these skills to use for many companies. In fact, most of the online businesses (including us) have little time or inclination to keep up with it. Yet it is very important for the customers of the company to be present.


Are you a real expert on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest? Then you can make money quite easily by making nice posts. It’s also great to do in the evenings if you don’t overfill your schedule with all those clients. A good way to professionalize is to follow Master Pinterest like a pro, for example.


What do you need?


Knowledge of social media

A laptop

Feeling with the social media users



business management 


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