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How the combat system works in RuneScape 2007

RuneScape 2007 combat system is based on gear and prayers. There are three combat styles to choose from: magic, melee and ranged.

RuneScape 2007 adventurers are free to use three combat styles: melee, ranged and magic. Melee combat is a close quarters fighting style. Players need to be in short range of their target to be able to damage it. There are two melee combat modifiers: strength and accuracy. The first one determines the amount of damage. The second one depends on the attack attribute that can have boosts from various types of equipment. Ranged combat has its own stats such as attack, strength and defense. Magic combat is based on the offensive spell and the magic level. RuneScape 2007 players are not restricted to one combat style. They are free to use whichever they prefer or the one that best matches the current situation. Combat style is changed when switching weapons and this can be done at any time. Hybrid combat styles are usually used in end game PvE content. For PvP, most players prefer to stick to one combat style.

Hit points represent a character’s health be it monster, player or NPC. The enemy is defeated when the amount of hit points is reduced to 0. There are various ways to restore HP such as consuming food, potions and drinks. HP restoring spells are also available. Defense is a RuneScape 2007 mechanism that helps players not to lose hit points when fighting. This skill makes it harder for enemies to hit the target. It doesn’t provide a direct damage reduction, this is achieved with prayers. By using these prayers, players gain buffs that boost stats, restore life and secure their valuables in case of character death. Prayers consume a resource called prayer points. These points are drained over time while the buff is active. It’s possible to gain more prayer points by upgrading the prayer level. It should be noted that prayer points do not automatically regenerate. Players can restore them by using an altar, potions or special skills.  Runescape 2007 gold can be got at the legit site, who can help you to enjoy the rs2007.