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Mindfullness and office interiors

The term Mindfulness is still (too) often associated with psychedelic and vagueness, but that is not what it is at all. In this blog we will describe what the relationship between mindfulness and work is and we explain why it is not airy-fairy.

What is Mindfullness?

Lets address first what Mindfullness actually is. Mindfulness is, actually not more than, the focus of attention to this actual moment, in the here and now. In other words: put the focus on what is important at this particular time. That sounds very simple, but if you try it you will notice that it’s anything but easy. It will require exercise, but will absolutely deliver. results. 

Multiple studies have found that one of the biggest annoyances in the office, the fact is that people are lived. Lived by the stress, by the workload, by peer pressure, etc. The chance to own the tasks to accomplish in a way that works best for the people involved is deprived of by these forms of pressure. People don’t like to stick theirs head above the ground and therefore it is very easy to be drawn into this stressful way of working. Yet people only will recognize this and that is when they consciously look at their own work situation and to be honest, that is often when the boiling point is reached.

The basics of Mindfulness gives you tools for dealing with stress or indeed, not to get bogged down in stress at all. Mindfulness teaches you to make conscious choices in the offer of emotions so you can pay the right attention and vitality to your work and show this on the work floor without putting pressure on yourself. You are more aware of what’s happening to you and around you and you can contribute to it in a constructive way.

On the one hand you will learn mindfulness by putting it in practice, by simply doing it. And that takes time. On the other hand, environmental factors also effect the experience of staff members, also here there is a lot to be gained. By making consious and informed choices in the use of materials, office furniture, acoustics, light etc. we can create a working environment that supports or ever improve mindfulness.


Mindfulness is more than ‘trying to be’ or ‘the basic attitude in which everything is welcome’. That is only a very small part of the total package in which a person can make themselves feel better, and also perform better. The wider office environment, the use of mobile devices, office interior design etc. are all influencing factors in mindfulness in the Office. Mindfulness is a set of tools ready to be used, but you need to pick them up yourself.

The influence of the office interior design and layout has on the well-being of the employees, should not be underestimated. Mindfulness is a beautiful tool as well as a guide to structurally improve the cooperation between employer and employee.

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