The most efficient railway track construction process

Laying railway tracks can be quite a time consuming activity. The traditional way of laying tracks has not changed for centuries. As with any company, time equals money. So, saving time on any activity is more than welcome. That is why Stabirail has created a railway track construction process that is much quicker and it provides superior stability, no deformation and a shallower construction height. These so-called ballastless tracks can be assembled directly on the concrete bed. Are you intrigued and interested in how it is done? Make sure to read on.

The entire railway track construction process of the ballastless tracks

The ballastless tracks are laid with a train that consists of three machines which are used consecutively. The railway track construction process starts with a concrete milling machine. This machine works with an accuracy up to 2 mm. It is a continuous process where entire concrete blocks are milled simultaneously. It is operated by a 3D system and is capable of working on parabolic transitional curves and transitional slopes. The next step in the railway track construction process is the drilling train. This train drills the holes for the anchoring of the actual ballastless tracks. Lastly, the anchoring train moves through. This train finishes the entire process by laying the actual tracks and anchoring them in place.

Choose for accuracy, efficiency and many more advantages

Laying ballastless tracks brings many advantages. Next to it being very quick, these tracks have a much longer design life and require very low maintenance. This means you will even reduce your costs after Stabirail is done laying them! Are you interested in these ballastless tracks and the entire railway track construction process? Make sure to get in touch with this company and let them advise you on the matter. Choose for this ground-breaking method and enjoy all the advantages.